We manufacture prototype parts, tooling, and machinery for a variety of industries, using 3D printing and stereolithography, from design to first article.


We have 4-axis and 5-axis machines to machine and trim a variety of different materials from metal alloys to complex composites such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.

Manual Machining

We have a full-service manual machine shop with surface grinders, lathes, Brindgeports, wet saw, and gun drilling centers. Turning up to 60″ diameter piece.


We have a full inspection department with an in house CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Optical Comparator and Coordinate Measurement Camera.


Bonding, screen printing, rivet squeezing and bucking, bonding of components such as plastic, composites and metal alloys.

Compression/Rubber Molds

One of our specialties is designing and machining complex 3D surface compression molds which we supply to a wide range of industries such as medical, nuclear, and aerospace.


For over 103 years, Goodwin-Bradley has made many alliances/partnerships in a variety of different industries supplying our customers with low-cost and quick turn-around of subcontracted operations.


Aluminum and steel molds in blow, compression and transfer designs. Molds up to 16 feet have been built. Most of the molds are designed in house based off supplied cad or prints, reverse engineering is also an option.


Full CAD/CAM capability, utilizing Mastercam 9x and Solid Works. We currently have 12 verticle CNC machining centers with a capacity ranging from 12 inches Z; 16 inches Y; 22 inches X to 28 inches Z; 60 inches Y; 150 X. We have CNC high-speed turning centers, turning up to a 64″ diameter piece.


We provide mig, tig, wire, and stick welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.